Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Doctors Day

A doctor has always been a source of inspiration for the entire human kind.He holds a very great position in the present society with the unique power of comforting those living machines who themselves deal with mechanical,electrical and all such non living machines.He is the life giver for even the first citizen of any nation.There exists,not at all any place for doubt,in saying that,"The doctor is the second creator."
Not only in the present,the doctor held a very respectable position even in the past.In olden days,a doctor is given very much respect and is treated a very sacred and godly figure.
The development of Biology, 'the science of life',has widened the horizon of the concept of a doctor.Today,hundreds of specialities of treatment exist and there are full pledged learning methodologies and research facilities for each of these specialities of treatment.
While an engineer has mostly to do with intelligence and a lawyer with elegance,the doctor has to be a very perfect balancer,judiciously mixing knowledge,creativity,care and an extreme amount of courage.
When we see a surgeon or any other type of a doctor,we invariably observe the creativity in him.Let it be separation of Siamese twins,or a removal of unwanted and malignant tissues from any part of the body,the doctor really rocks.It is the most awe inspiring part of him.
An infinitesimal mistake can make an engineer malconstruct a machine,it can make a lawyer lose a case(excluding those cases where there might be a havoc eg.collapsing of a building,sentencing of an innocent accused,etc.)but in the case of a doctor,it makes a living being lose dear life.Therefore,it is the care that is the most important virtue we find in a good doctor.
It is correct to describe the letters of the word 'doctor' in this way.
O-Opulence(in Godliness)
Finally,I would like to make it clear that this passage is not at all intended to hurt people of any other profession.It is just describing the worth of a doctor.Moreover,it is not just anything meaningless like any sort of  WRAQCE7XP3ZC stuff written to impress people.It is from the deep core of my heart.
This Sanskrit saying would definitely provide a nice conclusion.
" वैद्यो नारायणो हरिः |"

A Warm Winter Day
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